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Professional Solutions to Industrial Gases Equipment

We are a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of gas equipment. With more than 40 years of experience in the field, we are able to provide you a complete range of gas processing equipment and related gas products. Our range includes: cryogenic air separation unit, PSA gas plant, cryogenic liquid storage tank, cryogenic semi-trailer tanker, vaporizer, cryogenic pump, CO2 recovery plant, dry ice machine, gas compressor, gas cylinder, industrial gases, etc. They are widely adopted and well-received in iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding, communications, electronics, pharmaceuticals, paper, food and other fields.

    1. Large/Middle Size Air Separation Plant

      Liquid air separation plant pioneers the trend of future development. Liquid products are easy for quality control, storage and delivery. They also work with higher efficiency. So the liquid air separation unit is favored by more and more users.

    1. Cryogenic Semi-trailer Tanker

      We have LO2 tanker, LN2 tanker, LAr tanker, LCO2 transport tanker, LNG semi trailer tanker, etc. They are all characterized by high security, big storage capacity, flexible use and good heat insulation. They can be equipped with various accessories according to specific requirements.

    1. Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Tank

      Our vacuum insulated cryogenic tank is double-walled cylindrical vacuum tank with low thermal conductive perlite sand in between. The sand layer goes through vacuum treatment to reduce loss due to evaporation. The tank has two lower liquid inlet valves.

    1. CO2 Recovery Plant from Rich CO2 Source

      Our CO2 recovery plant can be customized to process CO2 sources with different concentrations and impurities. It can produce food-grade CO2 that complies with ISBT standards. The yield can be used in cola products, such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

  • Service
  • Our expert team will support you with professional feasibility analysis and solutions. We believe that our rich knowledge and positive attitude will help you to realize an optimal return on investment. We offer the following pre-sales services:
    a. communicate with customers, analyze their needs
    b. provide professional technical solutions, recommend the right models
    c. estimate the ROI cycle based on the customer’s local conditions
    d. for different products, we can quote the EXW, FOB, CFR or CIF price accordingly